2012 Seoul Drama Awards

2012 Seoul International Drama Awards

More Info can be found here.

Original Air Date: August 30, 2012

Congratulations Yoochun for winning 3 awards ♥! Rooftop Prince was daebak! I recommend drama lovers to watch it if you haven’t yet ^^

HF: Folder

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credits; DevilSlob@D-addicts
shared by; isimplicityy@wordpress


3 thoughts on “2012 Seoul Drama Awards

    • I can’t upload if I don’t have them ><.
      All these files that I'm uploading come from DevilSlob who gets it from KBSWorld. I know SMTOWN in Seoul was broadcasted on MBC, so KBSWorld will not cover this concert.
      I'll be glad to upload any concerts I have/DevilSlob shares but there is only so much we can share.

      Thanks for dropping a comment! It's a pleasure to share these with everyone (:

      • oh i dont know thisssssssss
        thanks any way you are the best
        i visit your site every day and i hope that i can support you whit this comment

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