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TVXQ ‘Humanoids’ ♥


TVXQxJYJxDevilSlobxKBSWorld “Compilation”

Download available on multiple servers. Re-upload may or may not be possible depending on the server.

ALL files are not mine. Credits will be posted along with the links.

Questions? Comment juseyo~

Downloading from Mega;

Just a suggestion for those who find it troublesome downloading from Mega. I use JDownloader 2 to download ALL my links. When downloading from Mega, I have NO problem using JDownloader. Copying a full list of links and clicking a button are the ONLY steps needed to use this software. Once downloaded you can enjoy!

Please keep in mind JDownloader 2 is the program that is most up to date with most links. It may be in beta but it works best for when I need it.

Questions? Comment below~

Thank you!


18 thoughts on “Welcome Post

  1. thanks for the time. appreciate it! anyway, if you dont mind, could you upload HT3 EP48? I couldnt find the full subbed show anywhere.

    • I don’t watch 1N2D, and I’m sure you can find other locations to download it.
      Since the show is so popular, a lot of sites upload it and I don’t think it’s necessary for me to upload it again.
      If you need any help finding someone who uploads 1N2D, feel free to ask.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for taking your time to upload this shows.
    I only watch dream team and IS2 so I’m very very happy I found your site as the shows aren’t as popular as I expected and many have stoped uploading them..
    Aaanyway… Thanks haha ^^

    • Haha I understand what you mean.
      I used to watch the shows elsewhere but they stopped uploading the shows that I watch so I had to find another way.
      Glad to hear that my blog is helpful to you ^^.
      Thanks for stopping by~

  3. Hi..thank you for your hard work..first of all,I hope you can upload Qualification of men because KBS World start airing QOM family choir special today..23/9/12..I hope you can upload QOM when they have special missions..triathlon and family choirs..I missed some ep on KBS World and I can’t download from devilslobs because the file is big..I hope I can hear a good news from you..thank you

  4. hi i love watching your subed videos, i was wondering if you can sub ep 57 of Immortal song 2. I watched the unsubbed version and everyone is laughing, i wish i knew what they were laughing about. Please and thank you.

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